Ditec HA7 Automatic Operator

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The Ditec D7 is probably the simplest automatic operator on the market to install and configure.  It as an modern, attractive finish and is both durable and lightweight. Once the hardware is installed, you use a mobile app to train, test and configure the operators parameters, like opening speed and other functions. They can operate up to a 200 lb door (max 48" wide) and can be used with touchless switches and access controls to provide touch-free door operation, perfect for reducing the spread of viri and germs.  Adjustable force from 5 to 30 lbs.  Push or pull operation. No electrical wiring is required, the power supply plugs into a standard 120 VAC wall outlet.  There is an optional mains power box that allows high voltage mains to connect to the unit, otherwise use the included plug-in adapter.  Available in clear aluminum and brown aluminum finish. ANSI/BHMA A156.19 Compliant, UL 325, UL 10C.

Standard logic modes include:

• Door partial open
• Hold open
• Oscillating input, one trigger to open the door, a second to close.
• Push and Go (opens when pushing the door)
• Power Assist (light press will assist and follow your push while opening)
• Full control, testing and configuration through Bluetooth cell phone application

Built in Safety Features:

• Stop on Stall
• Reverse on Obstruction

See informational video here:  The Ditec HA7 (YouTube)

See pull installation video: Ditec HA7 - Pull Installation (YouTube)

See push installation video: Ditec HA7 - Push Installation (YouTube)

Manufacturers information page: Ditec Entrematic: Ditec HA7

These operators work well with touch-free sensors for activation.