Customization Services

Let your customer's know who they should call when something needs service...have us put your logo and phone number on it!

Shop&Lock has in-house logo and customization services.  We can mark logos and other information, such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and QR barcodes for website navigation on many of the items in our catalog.  We maintain in-house laser marking and UV printing equipment for customizing your items. Customization services are provided by quotation.  Please contact us at via phone at 475-476-7006 or via email at

Unfortunately customized items can not be returned for credit, so make sure the item is appropriate for your application before requesting this service. We reserve the right to refuse service if the application has technical issues that are not immediately resolvable. Customization services will add additional lead time to the fulfillment of your order, but get processed on a timely basis.