Camden CM-RFK46/4 Kinetic Battery-less Wireless Switch Kit

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The Kinetic line of switches are groundbreaking switch assemblies that have wireless transmitters that do not require batteries.  The motion of the plate powers the transmitter that sends a wireless signal to a receiver.  If you can't run a wire easily, these devices provide a reliable way to install plates without having to monitor battery changeout maintenance cycles.  Although the plates do no have a battery, the receiver needs to be powered.  The receiver can be easily powered at the active equipment and has a relay output to connect to any type of equipment like door controllers and automatic door operators.  

This kit is used to easily equip a door to open with handicapped operators.   This kit includes several Camden part numbers.  This kit includes (2) PUSH TO OPEN plates with blue powder-coated finish, (2) surface mounted boxes for the plates, and (1) receiver that triggers with either plate.  One plate for each side of the door.  Other styles available by special order.