Farpointe CMC-2 Mobile Credential (Pack of 50)

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Mobile credentials for use with the Conekt reader, pack of 50.  These mobile credentials are not physical, they are secure QR codes that are transmitted via email after purchase.  These QR codes are presented or emailed to the user's mobile phone to add the credential to the Conekt mobile app.  App uses Bluetooth adapter in the phone to send the credential to the Conekt reader when the phone is presented. 

Specify facility code and card ID range in the order comments.  If you do not specify this info and are a new customer, standard 26 bit will be supplied in the next available range. We track previous orders, so if you are reordering and don't provide this info, we will use the last format ordered and next available ID range.

Datasheet available here: ConektCred.pdf (farpointedata.com)