Farpointe Ranger WRR-44 Long Range Receiver

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Ranger receivers and transmitters are a long range RFID solution.  Ranger transmitters are active and similar to auto remotes in that they have a replaceable watch battery, but they send card IDs. They transmit a card ID to the Ranger receiver up to 200' away.  The Ranger receivers connect directly to access control panels as if they were a card reader.   Ranger setups are ideal for access control applications, including parking gates, vehicle barriers, and touch free automatic doors operators. The transmitters also contain a passive RFID tag internally that allows them to be used on a standard Farpointe proximity reader no matter the state of the battery.  The WRR-44 Receiver has multiple outputs (4) that allow it to act as two separate card readers on a standard door controller.  Each button group on the transmitter is assigned to a reader output.

  • Exceptionally long read range—up to 200 ft with 4 reader outputs.
  • Ideal for parking facilities, gated communities, marinas and more.
  • Supports industry standard electronic access control interfaces.
  • Transmitters can be used as both a long-range and standard access credential.

Datasheet for the Ranger system: RangerLongRange.pdf (farpointedata.com)

Ranger transmitter information: RangerTransmitter_QSG.pdf (farpointedata.com)

These professional readers require a door controller to function.