Highpower HC Clamshell Proximity Card 125Khz

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The Highpower Select Series of 125Khz proximity cards are competitive and can be ordered in a wide variety of compatible protocols.  When ordering these cards, you need to specify a compatible format that works with the card reader you are using.  The HC part number is a standard clamshell type card. Specify the card format, facility code and ID card number ranges when ordering.  Larger pack sizes provides larger discount per card.

Specify facility code and card ID range in the order comments.  If you do not specify this info and are a new customer, the next available ID number for a format will be provided. We track previous orders, so if you are reordering and don't provide this info, we will use the last format ordered and next available ID range. 

If you do not see the format in the list that you require OR ARE NOT SURE, email us and we can identify and arrange a free analysis of your card samples.