Highpower One Access Control Panel Kit (8 Door Panel, New Tech)

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Crazy powerful but simple to use. The innovative HighpowerOne Access Control System provides an unmatched ease of installation as it can be operated solely through its on-board touch screen or optionally networked using included software.  No longer do you need to wait for your customer’s IT department to do the networking before you get off the job.  The touchscreen provides a simple way to instantly program and manage your card IDs that is simpler than programming a stand-alone keypad.  The unit also includes on-board Ethernet and WiFi for connection to a network should you need software control.  Using just the touch screen, a fully issued card, keypad or biometric system can be up and running a minute after you complete the connection to the locking hardware using on screen functions.

The HighpowerOne has two mobile apps available.  One app allows the management of cards and is similar to the touch screen.  The second app can be used to unlock doors using secure credentials.  With the entry app, secure credentials are generated on the touch screen and scanned into the app at no additional cost.

Each HighpowerOne can operate up to eight Wiegand readers and doors.  Considering that many jobs are under 8 doors, for these smaller jobs only one panel would be required for small installations.  The panel has very high speed and capacity operation and the ability to store practically limitless access levels, schedules, holidays, log records and card IDs.  Over 25 million alphanumeric card IDs can be stored on one panel.  Panel includes four USB connections for backup to a USB stick but can also be interfaced to a standard keyboard and mouse and other compatible USB accessories.

The Windows based management software, if you choose to use software, is included on a USB memory stick that is furnished with the panel.  The USB memory stick can also be used to backup and transfer system information to another panel.

Kit includes a P-500-AH reader, USB stick with software and (12) ISO proximity cards.

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