RCI 910TC Touchless Switch

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Touchless actuation switch for automatic door operation.  The low-profile touchless actuator plate utilizes capacitive technology with 1" - 2" of range.  Wave your hand over the plate without touching it to activate the door without spreading germs and bacteria.  Has adjustable detection zone size to reduce unwanted activations.  Includes bi-color activation LED.  There is a secondary Normally Open (NO) mechanical switch in assembly also as a backup in the event of a power loss.   Selectable unlock times (1-63 seconds).  Mounts on single-gang electrical box.  Three styles available. Certifications & testing: FCC, ISED, Meets ADA compliance to ANSI/BHMA A156.19.  Check local building codes for compliance in your jurisdiction.  

There is an optional remote control module that can be added to the unit (fob hangs on the keychain) to activate the plate without swiping.  Use this option to make a maglock or strike remotely controlled.

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