RCI DKPS Power Supply

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UL Listed Access control power supply, available in three power levels.  2 Amp, 4 Amp and 6 Amp models.  The 2 Amp model has 4 outputs, each output limited to 2 Amps, maximum.  The 4 and 6 amp models have 8 outputs, each output limited to 2 Amps max.  All units have integrated battery charger for sealed lead acid batteries.  Charger has automatic changeover when AC loss occurs and also self-diagnostic battery check every 48hrs.  A LED display on the enclosure door indicates status.  A fire panel disconnect circuit is included for connection to fire panels for lock release during an event.  Cover tamper switch is available as an option to meet UL294.

Additional information available here: DKPS Power Supply Series (dormakaba.com)