Ruckus Rigid Plastic Badge Holder (100 Pack)

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Our rigid open-faced is a sleek and rugged ID badge holder. There are two options. The first is a single card holder that holds the card on the front side. The second model accommodates 2 credit card sized ID cards (one on the front and one on the back). They make it easy to wear 2 photo ID cards at once, and the front of each card will be visible when you flip it over. Both models have 2 slots for your lanyard or badge reel that will let you display your ID's vertically or horizontally. Slide your ID cards into the bottom of the holder and you'll be ready to go. Although your cards will remain securely stored inside, they're designed for your fingers to easily access and remove the cards in an instant.

Ruckus items can also be special ordered.  See their full line card here: Ruckus Line Card