S&L Select ACM-210A Metal Digital Keypad + EM Card Reader

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Economy digital keypad with integrated prox card reader for both stand-alone or interfaced modes of operation. Unit is low cost, but packs a punch of features. Keyboard can be used to add cards and PIN numbers working as a stand-alone low security access control.  Unit also has a Wiegand output for alternative connection to door controllers acting as a front-end reader / keypad combination. Runs on 12/24 VDC. Keypad for indoor use. Includes illuminated, cast aluminum metal keyboard.  Can mount on a standard single-gang electrical box.  Includes a multi-colored wire harness that plugs into the back of the unit.

When operating as a stand-alone unit without a door controller, unit can hold up to 999 cards.   Cards and PIN numbers (PIN numbers are keypad entered numbers) can be added to the unit through a programming sequence via the keypad.  Stand-alone modes include Card Only, Card + PIN, Card or PIN modes.  Stand alone mode allows you to add cards or fobs by either typing in the number of the card ID or swiping the card during enrollment.  A small relay is provided for controlling a lock or strike directly in this mode. Stand-alone mode is for low security, convenient applications.  Stand-alone programming data can be transferred to another identical unit by wire connection.

When operating as a Wiegand keypad/reader the unit can output either 26-bit or 34-bit Wiegand data.  Higher security can be achieved when using this unit with a door controller.

See product manual here.

Cards and fobs for this unit are available here: Highpower Select Series  Be sure to select the "EM-10-DIGIT" format when ordering and specify the required facility code and ID in the notes of the order.  If you don't know what card number ranges you are looking for, we will ship next available range.