S&L Select ACM-K2A

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Attractive, yet economical touchless actuation switch for automatic door operation.  The low-profile touchless actuator plate utilizes capacitive technology with up to 4" of range.  Wave your hand over the plate without touching it to activate the door without spreading germs and bacteria.  Includes bi-color activation LED. Two versions available.  American version mounts on single-gang electrical box. European layout mounts on European-style electrical boxes.  Select style when ordering.  Runs on 12-14 VDC. Does not have a mechanical backup, extreme long range or adjustable time delay found in more advanced models, but works very well as a base-line request to exit switch, especially when added to an existing control system.  Form C Relay output with Common, Normally Closed and Normally Open signals.  Please review local codes when deploying this sensor.